Did I Just Teach Frankie To Swear?!

4 January 2018

Being a grandparent is a wonderful chapter that Rob and I have embraced with open arms.

I have happily blogged on the hilarities of the new role as we bumble our way getting to grips with this new super honour and the responsibilities that the role brings.

However, this Christmas Holiday break and a few mulled wines later, my Super Granny Halo had started to slip. Let me explain...

Rob and I had picked Franks up and decided to head to the Welsh Mountain Zoo to spend the day inside the penguin café pumping old pound coins into a very dated, rocking Noddy car machine – Frankie’s current favourite mode of play transport.

Excited at the day ahead I eagerly pressed the postcode into the sat nav and off we went.

Sat Nav: Diversion ahead, calculating route, take a U turn.

Sue: Oh B@llocks I exclaimed to Rob, do you know the directions?

Frankie: Grandads b@llocks and erections.

Sue: OMG Rob, what did she just say?

Rob: Sh!t... ignore her.

Frankie: Grandads b@llocks and sh!t erections.

Sue: No sweetheart, not erections... directions

Frankie: Oh b@llocks, sorry Grandma.

Sue: (Head in hands)

Boy laughing

Rob: Fancy giving the penguin café a miss?

Sue: Yes, do a U turn.

Sat Nav: Calculating route...

Sue: Look its classic toddler behaviour, very young children swear simply as a matter of repeating things they have over heard. They are just learning to use language to communicate, so they mimic any word they can. They are not trying to hurt or offend anyone, they are simply developing their verbal skills.


Well, this is going to be interesting Rob said to me as we drove home. How exactly are you going to explain this to Natalie when we drop her off?? Simple, I said I am going to do what every Grandma does...

...blame Grandad!

Happy New Year everyone and here’s to a wonderful 2018!

Kindest Regards

(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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