Mother's Day Memories

6 March 2016

So it’s March already... and along with the crazy weather, the rain, the snow and the rather dazed spring flowers unsure if Spring is on its way or not, this month we celebrate Mothers.

Not one of us was brought into this world without a mother. Whether you are blessed to still have your mother in your life or whether she has left to the Pearly Gates and is not physically with you any longer, we all have a mother. Some of us are lucky enough to have two active roles in our life and the Mother in Law becomes another mother figure, on hand at all times to offer advice and support and never judge as we clearly become ‘insane in the mum brain’.

Mothers are wonderful unique creatures as we simply chat to everyone and anyone with one common goal, sharing our crazy lives, the ups and downs of motherhood with complete strangers.  We indeed are nuts as we continue to ensure the phenomenon that is the human race survives by simply bending the truth about motherhood to any mother to be that will sit still long enough to listen.

This Mother’s day was my 22nd celebrating with my own children but more importantly it was my first as a Grandmother.

Rewind 12 months and this time last year we were celebrating the baby shower getting ready for Nat’s new arrival with such enthusiasm.  I did the dutiful thing and sugar coated everything Nat’s needed to know about the reality of Motherhood.  Why spoil things for her as she anticipated the little bundle of joy arriving.

With dutiful rose tinting, I had prepared Nat’s fully, completely unpreparing her so endearingly for the wonderful firsts that lay ahead.  

Mum & Baby

Oh Natalie you have such joy to come:

  • The first time you set eyes on each other
  • The first smile
  • The first time you hear the giggle that melts your heart
  • The first time you see real tears
  • The first time they touch the fur of a pet and squeal with delight.

What I forgot to mention was a tiny bit of reality that Motherhood brings:

  • Your child will have the lung capacity of a supersonic jet
  • You will learn to sleep with one eye open
  • You will get to know the first name terms of everyone at your local Doctors
  • Your food shopping bill will quadruple
  • Your car will become a moving bin
  • You will spend forever picking up random articles off the floor
  • Pans will no longer be just for cooking instead they will double up as headwear
  • You will smell of sick most of the time
  • You will no longer have a handbag it will be replaced with a baby change containing purse and phone
  • Make up will be a luxury
  • You will never visit the toilet alone for the first five years
  • Your TV will only have one channel – the Disney channel.

As we sat around our dining room table over scones and cream this Mother’s Day, one thing was very clear, the three generations of our family have constantly found the funny side of parenting in all that it brings.

Motherhood is a hilarious challenge of craziness that’s deserves to be celebrated in earnest without professional help! 

I hope all you mums enjoyed your day of rest as I did with, a delicious brunch or dinner and a few alcoholic drinks thrown in. After all it’s the children’s fault we need a drink in the first place hee hee!

Kindest regards, 

Sue xxxx

(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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