Orange Is NOT The New Black……

31 October 2017

Preparing for Halloween is a big event in the Nursery Calendar. It symbolises the end of the Summer, new Reception big boys and girls, the countdown to Bonfire Night and then onto Christmas. We talk to children about fun, games, laughter, emotions, sharing and caring, along with spooks, witches and creepy crawlies along the way.

However Halloween is also one of those days where there is a clear divide between friends who have children and those who don’t...

Whilst dining with such friends last week we began discussing Halloween...
"But I hate Halloween" my friend announced.
"Unpopular opinion alert" I managed to spit out as I took a sip from my pumpkin latte.
She continued…"This is why I hate it so much:

  1. I hate scary movies
  2. I don’t want to be chased in the street by a stranger holding an axe
  3. I binge on sweets because no children call anymore
  4. I get spots for weeks later because of the overload
  5. The gangs that knock on my door resemble scenes from the Purge
  6. Fake blood stains clothes
  7. No one wears bin bags and bedding sheets as outfits anymore
  8. When did turnips go out of fashion?
  9. Teenage Girls should not be able to dress like Trollops and get away with it
  10. Trick or Treating is at best extortion and at least glorified begging
  11. The dog never stops sodding barking at the door bell!!"

"But it’s a children’s celebration" I reminded her. Okay, a bit of a weird tradition I admit but it’s a night where children make memories and continue the traditions from their parents' generations handed down. I could see there was no swaying her.

 Halloween Ghosts

"Okay this is why I love it so much:

  1. I love the fact it takes a month of planning and preparations to get ready for the big night
  2. In true Blue Peter fashion, I love dressing up, simply choose an outfit of choice and make it a dead version!
  3. I love throwing a party, any excuse and everyone is invited to my house
  4. I love sweets – who doesn’t love tucking into a pick and mix!!
  5. I love the fact children love it so much!
  6. I love the smell of the night air and the sound of mischievous laughter as you walk around the streets
  7. I love the memories you make."

Halloween it seems is rather like Marmite, so whether you love it or hate it I wish you all a Spooktacular day and night.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Kindest Regards

(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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