Valentine’s Day - A Thing Of The Parenting Past

21 February 2017

Now I don’t mean to be cynical here but in the Jones household, since Rob and I became Parents, we have a Valentines Code of Practice. The Code goes like this:

I hereby agree to ZERO show of public affection on Feb 14th, the lead up to the dreaded Valentine’s Day and for 7 days thereafter.

Why do you think we have this special binding agreement? Well it’s because before we had Children, Valentine’s Day had a whole new meaning.

Valentines was a wonderful day, full of surprises and gifts where a restaurant meal did not involving cutting food up into bite size portions or spending most of the meal picking up various articles from under the table that have been lovingly thrown there in a new game of ‘Throw, pick up, repeat’.

Once we had our children, well, the romance was indefinitely put on ice! What used to involve chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and black/red lacy underwear aka NO KIDS, has been temporarily replaced. Quiet time without the kids now means... check your phones, of course. Nothing more romantic than the glow of the screen illuminating your true love’s face.

We simply became incredibly practical and rather than shell out extortionate amounts of money for a babysitter with an attitude (aka NO DATE) and an expensive Valentine ‘Set’ menu, served by a bored bitter waiter who would rather be at home with his rather angry girlfriend (he is working when he should be romancing), we decided the Code was our best option forwards.

"Don’t you think it’s kind of ironic that the day of Love, falls exactly mid-flu season?" I ask Rob rather sensibly.

And with that Frankie appears to the background music of coughing and happily thrusts a germ filled, half eaten, chocolate heart on a stick straight into my mouth to taste, before sneezing on me.

"I’ll get the tissues" Rob mumbles. Kleenex is the perfect Valentines treat for all Mums.

I hope you had a great February everyone, Spring is finally here!

Kindest Regards,

Sue xx

(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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