Why Choose Us

There are a million reasons why so many Parents join Evolution Childcare as their chosen provider to love cherish and nurture their beloved child.

Here are just a few of the reasons we welcome you to join us and become part of our Evolution Nursery Family.


  • We are an innovative and Award Winning Nursery Group.
  • We make learning Fun.
  • We are committed to investing in our Staff’s Professional and Personal Development, their Health and their Wellbeing.
  • We have an outstanding team of experienced, long standing and dedicated Nursery Professionals.
  • We have individual staff teams are superbly led and motivated by our longstanding nursery managers (all 10 years service and above) who inspire, motivate and encourage the very best from them every day.


  • We employ the highest qualified chefs who are committed to child nutrition in the early years and promoting a healthy, happy attitude to food for life.
  • We offer our Parent on going support and advice as required, including resource bundles, story sacks and language packs to recognise and support many natural occurring learning opportunities at home.
  • We offer you and embrace the opportunity to make great relationships with caring adults to ensure you feel involved, happy and reassured.


  • We over train, 80% of our staff are qualified in early years from level 3 up to level 6 (Level 6 is an honors degree), and includes 8 early years teachers.
  • We overstaff with two supernumary Managers per setting over 70 places.
  • We aim to work 15% under capacity, meaning your child is given the extra space to explore, learn and be heard.
  • We Treat every child as an individual promoting happiness and their self-esteem.


  • We work in partnership with parents/carers to produce a happy and productive environment.
  • We Provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment.
  • We offer a variety of simulating and new experiences through play to enable children to explore and reach his/her potential in every aspect of the EYFS.
  • We Promote every child’s physical and intellectual needs.
  • We Promote and develop independence.
  • We Challenge children’s thinking skills promoting sustained shared thinking between child and practitioner.


  • We Support every child’s emotional and social development.
  • We Provide opportunities to develop self-confidence, encourage curiosity and enthusiasm.
  • We develop awareness of, and consideration for, the needs of other in the immediate and wider environment.
  • We are passionate about learning experiences outdoors where we encourage our children to develop their own sense of managing risk and adventure.


If you would like to get in touch to book a show around at one of our nurseries you can email us, or fill out our contact form and a member of the Evolution Childcare Team will get back to you.