Circle Time

7 August 2020

The children at Kalgarth Grange have been having a lot of fun this week playing different circle games.

Our Early Learners have been using their physical skills and listening skills to shake our multi-coloured parachute up and down, high and low, whilst trying to keep the balls on the parachute. We also worked on our communication skills and took turns using the slide, asking for our turn and waiting patiently for our friends to slide down.

The children also enjoyed singing the Roll-a-Ball song, choosing which friend would have a turn next and building on our friendships.

Meanwhile, our Reception children have been collaborating to decide which circle games they would like to play with each other. We decided by putting our hands up to vote for our favourite game. Duck Duck Goose was the clear winner, and after we had played that, we sang Sandy Girl and chose a friend to play and sing with, promoting social skills, decision making and language development.

Our Toddlers have also had a fun-packed week. The children have been using different tools such as rollers and blocks to create marks, whilst exploring different colours and shapes and making connections between their movements and the marks they make. We have also been taking it in turns to roll the big cars down the slide in the garden, and we have been working together to dig and fill the buckets in our mud kitchen area, promoting our social skills and interactions with others.

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